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Flyball is an addictive sport

We welcome all breeds of dogs but they must be able to be off the lead and return to the handler when called.

It also helps if your dog will pick up and fetch a ball.

As for owners, we accept them at any age but they only need to be able to retrieve a ball in a emergency, when their dog doesn't.

Please note: in the early days of your training don't expect your dog to do all the running!


Training is held at KNUTSFORD, WA16 6FZ

Winter Training - We train either Saturday or Sunday mornings, dependant on the weather and our competition schedule. Always telephone before setting out on to check training is on. You can find our contact details on the Contact Us Page.

Summer Training - We sometimes train on Wednesday evenings or at weekends, dependant on our competition schedule but e
ven in the glorious British summer - if the weather is doubtful it is advisable to 'phone before setting out.

You are welcome to come along for a trial training session without charge or obligation.

The various team members are always on hand to help each other out and people can become as involved as they want to. We have those who just come and train for a bit of fun and those who attend every competition.

The key factor is enjoyment it's got to be fun for both people and dogs!

The Cheshire Set Flyball Team don't like rushing a dog or pushing them beyond their capabilities. Some dogs are trained within weeks and most within a few days but all dogs are different of course.


Jess, A team dog

Starter Dog - These are the dogs that have just been introduced to the Flyball box, jumps and training netting. We take you through the basics of how, when, what and why.

Beginner Dog - Once he or she progresses to "Beginner Dog" your dog should have grasped the basic principles of the sport and should be ready to take part in starter Competitions in netting. The owner should also be getting a grasp of the basic rules.

Apprentice Dog - These dogs are a lot more experience having taken part in a numerous starter competitions. They may be asked to come and apprentice with the main teams. They will be able to run in the warm ups of every race. This is purely to get experience out of netting and the noise and other dogs running around.

Team Dog - Speaks for itself! And yes, we do expect the owner to have picked up the rules along the way as well.


Practicing our cross-overs

Assuming you and your dog wish to continue, after the training course you have a choice.

You can continue to attend the training sessions and just have fun with your dog or you can compete in flyball competitions with the rest of the team - a word of warning though - THIS SPORT IS SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE!!


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