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Flyball Definitions?

Flyballers have their own set of terms which may seem like a foreign language to those new to the sport. To helps you we have included an explanation of the most common ones.


This is the piece of equipment used at the end of the lane which holds the ball. There are several designs but all are most importantly safe for the dogs
Alternative - The cardboard thing used to collect the chinese takeaway in the evening.


A fast moving and exciting dog sport played in teams and leading to a concerning level of mass hysteria in both owners and dogs.
Alternative - A tennis ball in the middle of June when the dogs have dropped it in a cow pat.

Box Loader

The person in the team responsible for making sure the ball is loaded correctly for each dog running.
Alternative - The person who collects the chinese - of course!


There are 4 hurdles over which the dog must jump before and after collecting the ball. These vary in height based on the size of the smallest dog in the team
Alternative - What the owner must do over the netting when their dog disappears into the next field after a rabbit.


A sanctioned competition, usually held over several days and often including a variety of classes.
Alternative - An excuse for the owners to get away from home for a few days and forget the washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. and have a jolly good party.


A novice competition, usually with nets for inexperienced and/or young dogs
Alternative - A competition for owners who can't keep up with their dogs yet.


A class similar to the normal competition but where only two dogs compete instead of the usual four.
Alternative - A class for silly owners, trying to keep up with their tireless dogs, who want to carry on when the rest of the team are tired out and want a rest


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