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As you can probably tell we are all fanatical about our sport - and where there are fanatics about - there are always cameras!!!
Here are just a few of our pictures .....

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The team dogs playing on the beach at Anglesey - as you can see the dogs become well socialised and it's not all about flyball - paddling and splashing in the sea is great too!
Playing in the sea
Dogs just love to have fun
Can you find any fish Jess?

Oggie talks tactics with her team - one has to way up the opponents weaknesses!
Lets talk tactics girls
Flyball is all about fun - not sure the person doing the laundry will agree - but boys will be boys!!
Muddy boys
Very muddy boys!!

Photos from the July Show 2006 at Ryecroft Farm
I don't like little dogs - so why did he cuddle Minnie all day?
Minnie snores into the mike
Minnie helps on the microphone
Ron is a big softee at heart - he cuddled puppy for hours!
Can everyone hear me????
Minnie the pup helps on the Microphone
Water fight
Watching the others
The girls chill at the show
Steve gives up the water fight!
Gizzy the Jack Russell (Minnie's Mum) watches the mad flyball dogs from the comfy chair
Take a break
The photographer (and dog) take a break
Tug's team mate
Jo and Robin have their
presentation from the Cheshire Set
Young handler
Well done!
Young handlers are always welcome
A "well done" cuddle for one flyballer
The perfect height dog
Matti chills
"Well come on then you lot"
Minnie lines up - but at only 3 months old it was just pretend.
At 12 years old, Matti would rather just lie in the sun and watch - a bit like her Grandad Ron (she belongs to Ron's daughter)

Divisional Winners 2006

Divisional Winners - Summer 2006

Ron & Oggie, Jayne & Charlie, Mandy & Jess, Tony & Barney and Peter the box loader






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